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Meet ‘The Son of Roubo’ Next Weekend

Normally I don’t like to begin a story with a question (or an adverb), but: What Was I Drinking?

When the Northeastern Woodworkers Association came calling I agreed to bring my handmade Roubo workbench (the one featured on the cover of the August 2010 issue) to its annual Showcase in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

This year the Showcase is March 26-27, and it is one of my favorite woodworking shows, both as an attendee and as a presenter.

The show is one-third education, one-third furniture gallery and one-third selling floor, with high-quality vendors. If you live anywhere in the Northeast, it is definitely worth a long drive. (Bring your spouse, the town is charming and scenic.)

This year I’ll be demonstrating hand-tool techniques (surprise) plus discussing the workbench, where it will be on display in a special exhibit of benches at the show.

So somehow I have to muscle this 300-pound bench into an as-yet-undetermined vehicle and trek 700 miles. I am thinking about installing some heavy-duty casters on the bench plus a trailer hitch. Perhaps not.

But it will be worth the effort. I always have a blast at this show. I spend too much money. I learn a lot from the other presenters (this year Peter Follansbee will be there) and the food in the town is quite good.

Check out all the details of the show on the organization’s web site. And if you can’t attend, you can hear me discuss the workbench on the DVD “Build an 18th-century Workbench,” available now in our store.

— Christopher Schwarz

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