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Is underway.   i started with some old, nail-sick, UGLY beams from a garage that fell down, old age.    enough for four legs and some other items.    I also had a beam laying around outside of the shop, kind of buggy.    Wound up takingan axeto plane off the buggy stuff.   Brought it in, and split the beam down the middle.   A Circ.saw made a saw kerf down two faces, then a splitting maul, and a sledge finished the split. then the handplanes took over, and smoothed things out  What was supposed to be a couple of stretchers, turned out to be a couple planks for a benchto      So, now I had a top

Time to make a base.   Those four legs needed some work to accept some stretchers between them, so the saws, and chisels came out.   I got a couple done, decided that things were going a might SLOWLY, and picked up a circ.saw to make some kerf cuts.   Then I could knock out the waste, and then chisel it smooth I got all the joinery done, time for a test fitAfter sitting thing up on the legs, time to make some skirtswith a tool well on one end.    skirts went all around the bench.     made from old waterbed frames.  These are 2x10s.    two long ones( the sides of the bed) were enough to wrap the bench in skirts.   Screwed to the top, and the legs, i even tried some dovetails, on one end Just one end was enough for me.   When you have to use a BIG 26" RIP saw to cut dovetails, you are working way too hard.    I still have a bottom shelf to add, maybe a leg vise.    i have been hand planing the top for flatness, THAT is going to take a while.    Pole Barn floors,  anything but flat, so I'll have to add either levelers to the legs, or ( being the cheapskate I am) just slip a shim under a leg or two.    Well, so far so good, cost?     $0.00,  gotta love that…

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