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Friday at Brad’s Bench April 25th

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Not Exactly At The Bench

Browsing my local Woodcraft supply store today. Turns out they're now distributing Shapton sharpening products. If you're not familiar with them, they are the cream of the crop ceramic stones. I was drooling over their glass-backed versions today. I'll be talking more about these, their traditional stones and a Shapton lapping plate in an upcoming issue of American Woodworker.

The next new item I found was a scrub plane from a company called Pinnacle. It's similar to the old Stanley #40, but a little wider. They're calling it a #40-1/2. Looks pretty nice; well-machined with a comfortable wooden tote and knob. Comfort is paramount for a scrub plane, as that's some of the most demanding planing you'll ever do. I'll have to do some checking to be sure, but the blade looks suspiciously like an IBC manufacture. That's good news, as IBC blades are fantastic. I took a photo, but I'm having technical difficulties, so here's a link where you can check it out:


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