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Tool: QuickSet Work Bench TB-WB700 Shop Now  

Manufacturer: ToughtBuilt

MSRP: $99

Space in my shop is always at a premium, especially work surfaces. Most of the permanent counter space is reserved for the various tools I’m testing, and my assembly table is almost covered with stuff from the latest woodworking project. So if I need a temporary work surface for finishing or a home renovation task, I’m forced to break out the sawhorses and an old closet door. Sure, it works, but it’s cumbersome, and sometimes I spend more time setting up and taking down than actually using it. That’s not going to be a problem any longer now that I have the QuickSet Work Bench from ToughBuilt though.

Effectively a sawhorse-work station hybrid, the QuickSet Work Bench is a 31″ high 3’x2′ work surface that can hold 1000 lbs. There are slots and holes in the top for clamps and bench dogs respectively, and attachment points at all four corners that can mount ClipTech hubs for holding ToughBuilt tool belt bags and accessories. To deploy the work bench, simply press the yellow button on top and pull on the handle, and both sets of legs will swing open simultaneously. Then press the gray button to retract the handle. While it’s quite possible to complete the task with one hand (and some help from your foot) it’s easier with two.

As a bonus for my shop space issue, the ease of set up and take down means I’ll be less tempted to keep the QuickSet Work Bench out all of the time, which should help prevent the buildup of more clutter. 

In actual use, I found it to be sturdy, and slots were helpful for workpiece holding. There are markings on top for measuring length and a protractor for angles. While they’re both accurate enough, the intent is more for framing or rough carpentry work than fine woodworking. The rubberized feet did a good job of preventing the work bench from sliding around, though it’s not possible to adjust the height of the individual feet. It didn’t make a difference in my garage, but if you’re taking it to a worksite, you’ll need to find a flat area for a stable setup.

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