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Double-Decker Mini Clamp

Here's a great little clamp for those light-duty hobby or craft jobs. Start with two ordinary clothespins, then modify and combine them as shown above. You now have a clamp with triple the capacity of a single clothespin.

Alan Dooley

My Take

Who thinks of this stuff? Well, obviously, Alan Dooley did, but I'll wager that leading up to his discovery, he must have made those clothespin guns we used to make in high school that'd shoot little wads of paper. You had to take the clothespin apart and turn the parts around, etc. Am I alone here, or does anybody remember those things? Anyway, in the filmstrip portion of this tip, here's what's happening: first photo shows cutting off the ends at the line. Second photo shows rotating the two parts. Third photo shows gluing the parts together and sanding an angle at the line. Next, start at the right end of the filmstrip. Round the tip of another clothespin and then take it apart. The center photo shows the assembled clothespin clamp.

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