Making a Workbench – Part 3: PVA Glue

In the third part of this workbench build I get around to gluing up the leg frames. I thought I’d take a moment to mention a couple of details about this phase of the project. Throughout [...]

Making a Workbench – Part 2

As I worked through my recent workbench project, I got a comment on one of the build videos about how the build might not be suitable for the inexperienced woodworker. I reflected on that for a [...]

Dado Joints by Hand

Making joinery by hand is a satisfying process, so I thought I’d share a method for hand made dado joints. In the early days of my apprenticeship we would practice joints on short ends of [...]

First Project on the Workbench

To test how effective your chosen workbench is, you’ll need to make something. Doubtless we all complete very similar tasks, but we also all have our own preferences which leads to tweaking [...]

Take it Easy for Workbench Tops

When working with construction grade timber, aside from the knots, you’ll more than likely find “eased edges.” You could be concerned that things won’t look good, or have [...]

Making a Workbench – Part 1

I am really pleased to have this workbench project done. As I’m not a avid SketchUp user and my drawing skills are not like Yoav’s, I felt the only sensible way to share a project was [...]

String Theory

I’m nearly done with my workbench project, I promise! I’ll break down the build soon with plenty of videos and explanations as to the whys and wherefores. I wanted to get the project [...]

The Wonderful Everyday

Shop time has been limited in recent weeks, but that’s normal for most of us and perfectly fine. I’ve been keeping the house quiet during the weekends as my wife is coming to the end [...]

Stanley’s Workbench

It’s funny how a project idea can come out of left field. I had no long burning plan or urge to make our son Stanley a workbench and give him a selection of tools. I’ve never wanted [...]

Robust Connections

Apart from a lack of time, the shop the workbench project is progressing well. The leg frames are glued up and I’m working on the aprons at the moment. On the last bench I made I used some [...]

Joiner’s Dogs, Simple Clamping

It’s wonderful that so many things within woodworking can be accomplished with such simple principles and relative ease of application. This humble wedging action is a perfect example. [...]

Release the Pressure

Woodworking forums can be helpful, no really they can. It’s thanks to a forum that I read a discussion between George Wilson and Zach Dillinger (really looking forward to Zach’s book [...]

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