Author: Tim Celeski | Popular Woodworking Magazine

A Woodworker’s Xmas List

For  years, Popular Woodworking and other magazines have published lists of various authors’ favorite tools. They're the author's choices for day-to-day use and come with the vote of the author’s [...]

3D Printing for Digital Woodworkers

Digital woodworkers who use CNCs may not be aware that there are other digital tools they can use. Maybe even some you haven’t considered before. This is because digital tools all need CAD [...]

Improve Your CNC: Introducing Grids Video: How I use a grid system to make digital woodworking easier CNCs are wonderful machines. For woodworkers who want to combine traditional woodworking with [...]

What Is the CNC Home Position?

Teaching is a two-way street. It’s not just for students. As an instructor, you get to peek into the many different ways students use their tools. Since one of the things I teach is digital [...]

Digital Tools Have A Lot in Common

There’s a funny thing about digital tools that use Cartesian coordinate and movement systems — these are tools that operate in three-dimensional space. Though digital tools may look different, [...]

The CNC Home Position

I need to cover a few CNC basics so, bear with me. There’s a big payoff coming. Most current CNCs have a startup routine where the machine goes to the extents of each axis, does a little dance [...]


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