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Follow Friday: Woodworking Schools

In this edition of Follow Friday, I’m highlighting a few of the places that you can turn to when you want thorough, in-person instruction in woodworking. Taking a woodworking class is one [...]

SketchUp in the Browser?

Has anyone else tried modeling an entire project in SketchUp Free yet? If you haven't heard, SketchUp is pushing users to use their web-based version of SketchUp.

The Simplest of Tips

I have seen students try to unclog planes with steel rulers, paint brushes, even nails and screws. Enter the Simplest of Tips, ever.

Grain Raising

A better understanding of what causes grain raising will help you manage it. Our finishing expert Bob Flexner explains this phenomenon and how to deal with it.

Matching an Old Finish

One of my current jobs involves matching the finish of my clients' original early-20th-century trim. Here's how I came up with a recipe.

Handmade Saw Cabinet

Building this handmade saw cabinet employs vital hand tool techniques with an emphasis on dovetail, dado and mortise and tenon joinery.

YouTube is a Fascinating World

YouTube is a fascinating world to inhabit. You can visit for a while and see an amazing kaleidoscope of entertainment. Sort of like Vegas, but with fewer cactus (cacti?) and look-alike celebrities.

My Traveling Tool Case

I’m excited to share that my traveling tool case is featured on the cover of the December issue of the magazine. If you are a subscriber, you should receive your copy in the coming days, I [...]

Shop-made Jig for Butt Hinge Mortises

Because I specialize in work for period interiors, many of the kitchens and built-ins I make for houses from the early 20th century have inset doors hung on traditional butt hinges. By [...]


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