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ShopNotes Podcast Episode 143

Phil, Logan, and John are back on the ShopNotes Podcast talking about “What Grinds Your Chisels” and other updates on the latest issue of PopWood Magazine and so much more! Find all [...]

ShopNotes Podcast Episode 142

This week on the ShopNotes Podcast, Phil, Logan, and John are reading some listener comments from last weeks episode, talking shop injuries, and updating you on the latest goings on in the [...]

ShopNotes Podcast Episode 141

Just the good ol’ boys, Phil, Logan, and John are making their way the only way they know how by kicking off the first podcast of the year by discussing the tool buying process and so much [...]

Our Top 10 Articles of 2022

As we wrap up 2022, let’s take a look back at the articles you kept coming back to time and time again this year. 10. Modern Shaving Horse 9. Master Cabinetmaker’s Bench 8. How to [...]

ShopNotes Podcast Episode 140

On this episode of the ShopNotes Podcast, John and Phil talk about the science behind woodshop worksurface usage and discuss what woodworking, Christmas gifts we have on our list. This episode is [...]

ShopNotes Podcast Episode 139

On today’s episode of ShopNotes Podcast, Phil, Logan, and John share updates on Popular Woodworking, Woodsmith Magazine, and now ShopNotes Magazine! Plus, join us for a discussion on [...]

Cross-cutting Aid

My son is seven years old, and so far, I have tried to refrain from proselytizing woodworking to him. My hypothesis, at least for now, is that the love for woodworking should come naturally and [...]

ShopNotes Podcast Episode 138

On today’s episode of the ShopNotes Podcast, John, Logan, and Phil discuss new books, a shop update, and the Christmas Project decision tree. Find all of the ShopNotes podcast episodes [...]

ShopNotes Podcast Episode 137

On the last ShopNotes Podcast episode before Thanksgiving, John, Phil, and Logan are gathered around the hearth to give thanks and discuss the cornucopia of woodworking topics of the day.…

Shopnotes Podcast Episode 136

On this week’s episode of the Podcast, Phil and John give the latest update on the Woodsmith World and discuss the things in the shop we avoid doing. …

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