Welcome To Modern Week

Many woodworkers have mixed feelings about modern design in woodworking. Traditional style plans outsell our modern furniture plans by at least 3:1, and the appearance of modern furniture in our [...]

Protecting Tools from Kids

Sometimes a little talking-to (and video surveillance) is all it takes. I have noticed three things about tools and kids. Kids can find tools even if it requires tunneling under the garage wall. [...]

Turning Pro

No sick days, no paid vacations and no IT department – but it’s worth it. Ah, going pro – telling your boss to take your day job and stick it in his ear while you go off to earn your …

Moby Dick, the Great White Planer

Moby Dick, the Great White Planer The newspaper advertisement was brief: “PLANER, 24″, $450. Call.” My friend Charles Poth and I had been looking for just such a machine. We found the [...]

Outdoor Week and Woodworking Month

It’s April, which means April fools (see ours below), spring, and woodworking month. The change in weather means those of us with unheated shops can finally emerge from hibernation and [...]

Tool Madness Finals

Time to chose your favorite power tool and favorite hand tool. Tomorrow they face off for the championship! See the full bracket here. …

Tool Madness: Semi-finals Part 1

Semi-finals are here. The drill and miter saw both walked away cleanly from their prior opponents, but who who will come out on top now? And with the block plane narrowly edging out the bench [...]

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