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Friday’s Tip for December 20th

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Edge-Banding Clamp

I ran out of clamps and patience the last time I applied a veneered edge to a long piece of plywood. The tangle of clamps to hold the veneer and cauls in place was more than I could take! To make life simpler, I came up with a slick way to clamp edge banding onto the ends of long boards without the need for long, cumbersome pipe clamps.

Now I glue my edge banding material onto the boards' end and place my jig over it. Then I add a few clamps over the jig to hold it in place. A few twists of the eye bolts pushes the lower strip towards the edge banding material. 

James Mattea

My Take

The ingenuity of woodworkers never ceases to amaze. To fill in a few details, the eye bolts are space 2-1/2" on center. The banding material is 1/2" wide strips of bicycle inner tube. The main body of the jig is 2" x 2" x whatever length you need, and the lower strip is 1/2" x 2". The eye bolts thread into tee-nuts.

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