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In the hands of genius, ordinary items become fine art. One of the best-known quotations to arise from the Arts & Crafts movement is from William Morris. A founding father of the movement in England, Morris was part designer, part philosopher and part social activist. He famously said, “Have nothing in your house that you…

Thanksgiving for Quality, and My Workbench Trilogy: Part 1

Although I did not grow up in the United States (I came here in my 30s), the American holiday of Thanksgiving was not totally foreign to me. The notion that once a year we collectively reflect on the things that we have accomplished, the people who have helped us, the family members who were kind…

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Featured Videos: Experts Guide to Gluing & Clamping Wood

Gluing and clamping is one the the most widely-used skills for woodworkers. Done correctly, you can make strong, lasting bonds in your projects. Done incorrectly, you’ll add additional time and frustration down the road. We’ll address best methods and practices and also look at possible variations. We’ll look at edge joints, mitered joints, casework and clamping and gluing curves. Our special thanks to Bessey and Titebond for sponsoring this series.

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