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Finding affordable lumber has always been a mainstay for woodworkers, and when you tie our dwindling natural resources into the conversation the time is right to look at milling your own lumber. This seven-part weekly video series takes you through how to find lumber, how to operate a sawmill, details on types of sawing methods, stickering and drying and ultimately advice on using a mill as part of a business. Learn what you need to know to understand Milling Your Own Lumber.

Tool Review: Blue Spruce Ultimate Coping Saw

Tool: Ultimate Coping Saw Manufacturer: Blue Spruce Toolworks Price: $325 Coping saws are a bit of a divisive subject among woodworkers. Some folks swear that their $3 coping saw from the hardware store has never let them down and the other camp has tried to engineer the tool to perfection. The Blue Spruce Ultimate Coping…

Designing a Traditional Plate Rack – Part 2

There’s nothing like building a prototype to offer insights into methods of construction, as well as aesthetic nuance. Having finished this plate rack, I now have several changes in mind for the plans I will include in the book I’m writing about kitchens for Lost Art Press. Here are a few notes of potential usefulness…

End Grain: Goodbye, Ego! Hello, Humility!

Whenever I admire a fellow woodworker’s finished piece of furniture, I never ask how they did this or that because, quite simply, I am afraid they are going to tell me. Listening to someone describe how they accomplished a difficult or clever woodworking feat is, for me, like listening to someone recount their dream: I…

Building Floating Shelves and PopWood Playback #40

It has been another busy week around the Popular Woodworking shop! We sent our December issue to the printer, filmed two episodes of I Can Do That! and worked out the cover for our February issue of the magazine. All-in-all, a great week! I built a floating shelf with five drawers for my episode of…

I Can Do That!

Let’s make something together! Join your hosts, Andrew Zoellner and David Lyell. Our I Can Do That! series features long-format builds that are designed to be as instructional as possible. Each episode is around 30 minutes and walks you through the entire build.

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Handplane Essentials with Christopher Schwarz

Christopher Schwarz has been finding and re-habbing handplanes for more than a decade. In this collection he shares his hard-learned knowledge to help you create a piece of working art for your own workbench. Follow Christopher’s step-by-step approach, and you’ll end up with a vintage (or new) tool that performs perfectly.

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