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How to Brush a Finish

Putting some sense back into a simple task. For most people, the first experience brushing comes with oil or latex paint, or with alkyd or polyurethane varnish. Each of these coatings is relatively easy to brush. Paint is easy because it doesn’t have to go on perfectly; brush marks and other minor flaws are expected…

Powermatic Celebrates 100 Years With Commemorative Tool Line

When you’ve been around for 100 years, you’re allowed to celebrate yourself, and that’s just what Powermatic is doing. Throughout 2021 they will be releasing seven tools to commemorate their centennial anniversary. First off this spring will be special editions of the 54H Jointer, 15HH Planer, PWBS-14CS Bandsaw, and PM1300XT dust collector. Each of these…

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Featured Videos: Experts Guide to Gluing & Clamping Wood

Gluing and clamping is one the the most widely-used skills for woodworkers. Done correctly, you can make strong, lasting bonds in your projects. Done incorrectly, you’ll add additional time and frustration down the road. We’ll address best methods and practices and also look at possible variations. We’ll look at edge joints, mitered joints, casework and clamping and gluing curves. Our special thanks to Bessey and Titebond for sponsoring this series.

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