BORA Tempest Forstner Bits

Tool: Tempest Forstner Bits Shop Now Manufacturer: Bora Tool MSRP: $9.99-$299 The new Tempest Forstner bits from BORA are a set to be reckoned with. These forged bits are made by renowned bit [...]

Easy-lift Bench Dogs

I really like my round Veritas bench dogs because they’re so versatile and easy to install. The only problem I have with them is raising the less accessible ones when they’re tucked down flush in [...]

10 Great Woodworking Gifts for Mom 2024

If your Mom is a woodworker, then this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift guide to help you shop. She’ll love anything you get for her on this list. Looking to build something for your [...]

Nothing is Absolute

Ease and speed versus the idealization of the past – sometimes. When Lord Acton wrote that “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” he was referring to politics, but he could as easily have been [...]

Online Extras June 2024 #278

Here are the online extras for the June 2024 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Interested in having the magazine delivered directly to your mailbox (physical or email) six times a year? [...]

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