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The Best New Woodworking Tools of 2019

From the Editors and Contributors In an effort to inform our readers about the latest and greatest, Popular Woodworking has surveyed the rich landscape of tools and equipment available and made [...]

Workshop Tips: Trash Can Outfeed

To save space, my trash can doubles as a work support. I made a dolly with locking casters to fit the can’s bottom, so I can roll the unit to wherever it’s needed. The work support is adjustable [...]

Workshop Tips: Universal Shooting Board

I used to have three shooting boards for planing end grain: one for 90° cuts, one for 45° horizontal miters and one for 45° vertical miters. Now I’ve combined them all into one. The jig’s main [...]

Hidden Door Bookcase

Hidden Door Bookcase Turn a closet into a hiding place with a basic bookcase, trimmed to match the room. By Nathan Rinne Project #1919 • Skill Level: Intermediate • Time: 2 Days • Cost: $500 The [...]

Workshop Tips: Long Stock, Short Fence

Routing long, stiff pieces such as handrails, presents a couple of problems. First, it’s very hard to get (or make) stock that’s extremely straight and 12′ to 14′ long. Second, a [...]

Turned Rolling Pins

Turned Rolling Pins Even an ordinary kitchen tool can be beautiful. By Tim Heil Project #1921 • Skill Level: Intermediate • Time: One day • Cost: $25 If you’re looking for an easy-to-make gift [...]

End Grain: A Shaker’s Life

Research gives names to unknown artisans. By Tom Caspar David Rowley, Freegift Wells, Amos Stewart, Orren Haskens, Eli Kidder…ever hear of these guys? They were Shaker cabinetmakers, the [...]

End Grain: It Wasn’t Always Like This

When a family friend recently visited my new cabinet shop, he commented, “Your dad and grandpa would’ve loved this place. It wasn’t always like this!” He meant that although both men were pro [...]

Tool News: Twin Turbo Vise

Tool: InKleind Twin Turbo Vise Manufacturer: InKleind Price: $270 There’s a new twin-screw vise on the block designed by Andy Klein that I’ve had the opportunity to test in a pre-production form. [...]

Concrete & Walnut Coffee Table

Concrete & Walnut Coffee Table Add GFRC to your furniture-making arsenal. By Michael Clifford PROJECT #1911 • Skill Level:Intermediate • Time: 2 Days • Cost: $200 I’ve always loved [...]

Tool News: Jet JWBS-14SFX Band Saw

Tool: Jet JWBS-14SFX Band Saw Manufacturer: Jet Tools Price: $1100 We may receive commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations. I’ve spent a [...]


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