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Tablesaw Sled Cutoff Block

My sliding cutoff sled gets lots of use for repetitive cuts. In the past, I clamped a board to use as a stop, but moving it for different cuts became cumbersome. To make a quickly adjustable stop, I routed a dovetail slot into the back edge of the sled and made a matching, but loose fitting, shuttle that rides in the slot. A thumbscrew locks the shuttle into the groove and a small piece of 1/4" plywood attached to the shuttle acts as the stop. A tee-nut, epoxied in from the back of the shuttle, provides solid threads for the thumbscrew. I added an adhesive-backed rule to the back piece to aid in measuring the cutoff. 

Paul Lee

My Take

I might be just getting a little foggy at the end of the day, but it took me a second to get this. So the thumbscrew goes all the way through the shuttle and pushes against the bottom of the groove, tightening the shuttle in place. If you had some T-track you could let that into the sled's back instead. If not, and you'd rather not buy any, this is a great solution.

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