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Friday’s Tip for February 14th

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Stable Roller Stand

I bought a roller stand to support my lumber when sawing. It worked okay, but sometimes the rear leg would fold up and the stand would collapse. This was very annoying. I fixed it by adding some plastic cable ties at the top and bottom of the leg and stretching a bungee cord between them. Now my stand folds up only when I want it to. 

Kim Newcomb

My Take

Well, this doesn't have much to do with the tip, but I really hate these stands. Partly because of the problem mentioned above. The only tablesaw-cuts-finger accident I've had in 25 years of woodworking was caused by one of these. I should mention, however, that I was young and foolish and didn't have the guard on my tablesaw. I don't recommend using a stand like this as an infeed/outfeed for a tablesaw (more young and foolish, I guess). Anyway, if you do already own one, use it only for supporting a piece. Don't feed stock over the roller and into or out of a machine.

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