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Friday’s Tip for June 21st (on Saturday June 22nd….)

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Machine Floor Locks

Anyone with a machine on wheels – especially a tablesaw or planer – understands the necessity of locking it in place before using it. I use a pair of toggle clamps connected to rods. I position the machine where I want it and lock the toggle clamps down, as shown above. To keep the tool level, threaded rods adjust the clamp height so the wheels barely leave the ground. 

Steven Murphy

My Take

For whatever reason, the call-outs didn't show up in the image! Well, I'll try to explain this as it's pretty simple. There's a threaded rod coming out of the toggle clamp. The threaded rod is then riveted into a hole drilled in the end of a 5/8" diameter steel rod. The steel rod goes through a piece of angle iron attached to the bench. I love to see ingenuity like this. It just makes one's own wheels start turning! A good solution to a real problem.

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