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Friday’s Tip for March 14th

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Retractable Chuck Key

After losing three chuck keys I attached the fourth to a plain, old retractable key chain. Now I don't have to turn my shop inside out looking for my chuck key because it'salways within easy reach. I truned the holder upside down because the chain pulls out mor smoothly that way. I paid $8 for this handy gadget at Enco, (800) 873-3626. Ask for part #844-0144.

Vincent R. Lucrezi

My Take

Why not just use a magnet? Well, because you have to actually place the key on the magnet. This way, it's never unattached! This tip was published about 13 years ago. Enco now has a website as well. Same phone number, same part number, but it's $13 now instead of $8. Oh, and sorry for getting this Friday's tip posted on Saturday!

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