Author: David Thiel | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Fuming a Finish – Cool but Dangerous!

I’ve enjoyed building Arts & Crafts furniture for a number of years. The look of the quarter-sawn oak after finishing has always been a strong selling point – a common approach is a [...]

How to Flatten Large Boards in a Planer

I grew up working in my dad’s custom woodworking shop standing in a pile of shavings on the outfeed side of a 24″ planer. Oh sure, we had dust collection, but we (me) frequently got [...]

How Trees Grow

Being a woodworker of many years I have friends who will constantly ruin a good walk in the woods with questions of, “what type of tree is that?” Truth is, I’m not really very [...]

Wendell Castle 1932 – 2018

Wendell Castle, the father of the art furniture movement, died Saturday at age 85. I’m privileged to have spent a few days with him while shooting a video, and while our time together [...]

Meet Don Weber: Renaissance Man

Don Weber has been a friend to Popular Woodworking for a long time. His knowledge of traditional woodworking (and blacksmithing, as the photo above supports – props to photographer Al Parrish!) [...]

Video: Buying Router Bits

I recently went in search of an 1/8″ slot-cutting router bit that I needed that day. Home Depot was close and I left with my bit. But rather than buy a single bit, I ended up buying a $50 [...]

How to Avoid Kickback on a Table Saw

I posted a video on our YouTube channel this morning with Kelly Mehler on table saw kickback. In talking with David Lyell about the video I realized that a lot had happened since that video was [...]


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