Blue Spruce Mortise Chisel Review

Tool: Mortise Chisels Shop Now Manufacturer: Blue Spruce Toolworks MSRP: $109.99+ Walloping on a chisel to chop a mortise is a big ask. It’s no wonder that the “pig sticker” mortise chisels of [...]

Woodworking Magazine Index

Have you ever read a magazine article that piqued your interest and then a few years later you wanted to find it but didn’t know where to start looking amongst the issues in your library? Well [...]

Find Joy in Stupid Stuff

For anyone that has met me, you’ll probably know that I have a pretty happy-go-lucky personality. I enjoy helping others, sometimes to my own detriment. One thing that I’ll always do is try and [...]

CPM Magnacut Blades Review

Tool: CPM Magnacut Blades Shop Now Manufacturer: Lake Erie Tool Works MSRP: $46.99+ As a hand tool junkie, I look at a few things when deciding if a tool is up to snuff. One of those is the [...]

Visiting ESSA

Situated in a picturesque Ozark town, the Eureka Springs School of the Arts has something for everybody. About an hour south of Branson, Missouri is the small town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. [...]

Bridge City Tool Works HP-6FX Review

Tool: HP-6FX Multiplane Shop Now Manufacturer: Bridge City Tool Works MSRP: $789 If you’ve ever taken a look at Bridge City Tools, you’ll know that they have a history of having [...]

Bespoke Toolmaker: Honey Brook Tools

Vermont-based toolmaker Will Adams offers some of the best hand-made tools around. A marking knife. There are few tools that can, nearly instantly, increase the accuracy of a woodworker’s work. [...]

Harvey Big Eye Rip Fence System Review

Tool: Big Eye Rip Fence Shop Now Manufacturer: Harvey Woodworking MSRP: $1249+ There are times when there is a product released that I think really met the mark. One of those is the Harvey Big [...]

Blue Spruce Optima Chisel Plane Review

Tool: Optima Chisel Plane Shop Now Manufacturer: Blue Spruce Toolworks MSRP: $119.99 It goes without saying that a chisel is a staple in almost any shop. However, there are some operations where [...]

WGM ToolWorks Helical Cutter Head Review

Tool: Helical Cutter Head Shop Now Manufacturer: WGM ToolWorks MSRP: $340 (varies) In the last issue, you may have seen a photo of my helical cutter head for the large, vintage jointer that I’m [...]

Saw Till

This saw till is a great way to keep your saws organized, protected, and close at hand. Project #2405 • Skill Level: Intermediate • Time: 3 Days • Cost: $150 There is a debate among hand tool [...]

Leather By Dragonfly Shoulder Pads Review

Tool: Leather Shoulder Pads Shop Now Manufacturer: Leather by Dragonfly MSRP: $85+ Over a year ago, I received my Leather By Dragonfly apron. It’s been one of the best additions to my shop and my [...]

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