Book Giveaway: Simple & Stylish Woodworking

Simple & Stylish Woodworking

Thanks for all the great comments! Congratulations to Saul, the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in a copy of “Simple & Stylish Woodworking,” it is currently available for pre-order. 

It’s always fun to see the new books arrive. Popular Woodworking Books’ latest release “Simple & Stylish Woodworking: 20 Projects for Your Home” officially releases in mid-April. It’s a compilation of small projects that make great home accents. Selected from the archives of Popular Woodworking, these projects allow you to learn new skills and get in some practice on smaller scale builds before committing to a larger piece of furniture. The projects include clocks, lamps, mirrors and decorative boxes – pieces that make great additions to the home (or nice handmade gifts). Plus they’re a good way to use up treasured offcuts of nice wood that you’ve been saving.

And I have a copy to give away! Simply post a comment and I’ll choose the lucky winner at random (winner will be announced on Monday 3/20). Good luck!

—Scott Francis





25 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Simple & Stylish Woodworking

  1. Pykler

    Are these projects doable for beginners?, I just started working with wood a few months ago and really love it.

  2. Daleb100

    Would love to get the book. Sometimes I just want to start and end a project in the same month…

  3. pchast

    I’d love to see the book. A table of contents would help decide if a person wished to buy….

  4. Wtfisthat

    People- stop begging for the book. Have some dignity The projects on the cover don’t look all that good, and a simple search on the internet will produce much more interesting projects, many free. Lastly, don’t pick me, I don’t want it.

  5. cougarboy04

    Looks like it would be a good resource. I’d enjoy building some of the pictured projects!

  6. Dave

    Not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but there are a few pieces shown on it that I’d be interested in building.

  7. Saul

    Started my woodworking hobby a few months ago, I’ve been learning a lot and slowly building my workshop. It would be great to have a book of projects to get me running. This looks like a great option!

  8. Lukeallister

    I love smaller projects, though I have found they don’t always take less time than large projects. The level of detailed required to make a nice clock or somesuch can make it a much bigger project than a functional (but not detailed) cabinet or toolbox.

  9. corgimas

    Be a great book to add to my workspace! sounds like it would be right up my skill set too

  10. CraigPeter

    There is something to be said when you can make a simple project as elegant as the most complex. The pictures shown are inspiring. I’m curious as to what else the book has to offer.

  11. ohlund

    I have a theory about large projects, whether they’re woodworking or not. I call it the “change the lightbulb” theory and its premise is that doing some small task or project can help springboard you into larger more complicated tasks or projects. This is particularly true of woodworking where you can develop the requisite skills on smaller projects you can complete in a weekend (e.g. small box) that will translate into skills for larger efforts (e.g. cabinets).

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