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Creating CNC Textures

Three ways to achieve different types of textures with your CNC router. CNC Routers open up lots of new ways to create textures in wood. Here are my three favorite ways of creating textures using [...]

Exterior Oil Finishes

Easy to use and maintain, they keep outdoor wood furniture looking like new. You’ve spent the winter building a set of cedar Adirondack chairs; or maybe you’ve purchased a teak garden bench. You [...]

Using T-Track

T-track is a versatile product that has many great uses around the shop. It can be attached to the fence of a chop saw, drill press or router table to provide a quick, secure place to attach [...]

Spring-Joint Box

Self-locking design requires no glue SQUEEZE AND SNAP! That’s all it takes to assemble this CNC-routed box. The joint’s flexibility comes from a series of slots that allow the hooked tenons to be [...]

Linker Logs Project

Although Linker Logs are made with the aid of a computer— once complete, they’re a great way to get kids (and parents) off the computer for an afternoon of old fashioned fort building and [...]

CNC “Woodturning”

You need to think a little differently. A rotary Indexing Head allows a CNC machine to create 3-dimensional shapes in the round. It’s an accessory that can be added to most CNC machines. Some [...]

CNC Project Gallery

As CNCs become increasingly common in small woodshops, an amazing variety of work is emerging. This confirms the technical versatility of CNCs, it’s an even greater testimony to the creativity [...]

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