Below you’ll find smart woodworking techniques including quick tips, advice for beginners and more advanced methods to improve your skills and allow you to get the most out of your workshop and tools. Whether you’re looking for traditional woodworking techniques using hand tools or power tools, finishing or sharpening advice, or just want to hone your woodworking basics, the advice below is from seasoned and trusted woodworkers and furniture makers working at the top of their field.

Hand-tool Butt Hinge Installation

Below is a sidebar from my “Medicine Cabinet” article, from the June 2016 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine – how to install butt hinges using hand tools (and there are, of course, other techniques…but this is how I do it). — Megan Fitzpatrick  
pumkin pine

Carving Out a Pumpkin Pine Finish

We experimented to find the perfect recipe for this most-requested finish for pine – and it’s as easy as pie. by Glen D. Huey from the Autumn 2007 issue of Woodworking Magazine Pumpkin pine is a developed patina that glows a warm orangy color similar to – you guessed it –...

Blackened Wood: Designing with Fire

Black and grays are the stars of today’s architecture and furniture design. Most of the black in today’s wood furniture and cabinetry is painted or produced by means of stains and dyes, but another way to turn a piece black is by charring. Charring involves no solvents and requires no drying...

lumber rule photo

The Lumber Rule – How to Calculate Board Feet

A must-have tool for the lumberyard by Greg Paolini In addition to my truck and a pile of cash, there’s always one other thing I take to the lumberyard or mill – a lumber rule. Also known as a grading stick, a lumber rule is a simple tool that instantly shows how many...

riving brake

Give Me a Brake (How to Make a Riving Brake)

Get some splitting leverage with this simple contraption. by Peter Follansbee Reach for a froe, and you should immediately think, “Give me a brake.” The brake can be a constructed workholding device, or just a couple of logs. Its function is to trap your workpiece in such a way that you...

Video Post: How to Fold the Corner of an Upholstered Seat

So far, I have successfully avoided upholstery in my woodworking projects. As a newer woodworker, there has been so much to learn and practice that I haven’t convinced myself that I should take up another discipline. I think there is some wisdom in staying focused while learning the essentials. But lately,...