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Q & A: Switch to a Band Saw

Use a bandsaw, not a tablesaw. It’s not good shop practice to rip a board less than 12 in. long on the tablesaw because it may kick back at you.

Q & A: Silencing a Squeaky Tablesaw

Q: My tablesaw screeches like nails on a chalkboard whenever I adjust the blade. WD-40 made the noise go away for a while, but now it’s back. What do I do? A: That sound can drive you crazy! It’s [...]

Tablesaw Extension

Tablesaw Extension Make wide cuts in a small shop. By Roy Smith There’s not enough room in my garage shop for a tablesaw with a 52-in.-capacity rip fence. But no worries—I don’t need one! To make [...]

Make Quartersawn Picture Frame Stock

Make Quartersawn Picture Frame Stock If you’ve got some spare 8/4 (2-in.) lumber lying around your shop, it’s easy to transform it into stunning quartersawn wood for your picture [...]

Coved Doors on the Tablesaw

Coved Doors on the Tablesaw Make beautiful raised panels without a router table and expensive bits. By George Vondriska The tool of choice for most small-shop woodworkers who want [...]

AW Extra 1/30/14 – Tablesaw Tenoning Jig

Tablesaw Tenoning Jig A precision joint-making tool for less than $30. By Frank Gregg A tablesaw tenoning jig is an essential tool for most woodworkers. But commercial units cost $100 and up, and [...]


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