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Oneida Dust-Free Router Hood

This respiration-protection attachment lives up to the claim of its name. by Megan Fitzpatrick page 14 While I appreciate the versatility and power of a handheld router, I often turn to other [...]

Pet Peeve Bites the Dust

Some machines are easy to set up to collect dust and chips while others defy all attempts. On the easy list are most stationary machines: Plug the hose into the port and it works pretty well. On [...]

Oops! House of Dust

House of Dust By Randy Walker To keep airborne dust from getting into the house, I bought a dust collector for my basement workshop. I wanted to start with a clean slate, so I decided to rid the [...]

Sanding Dust: In the Bag or Up Your Nose

During the past couple weeks I’ve taken a close look at a new Bosch sander while writing a review for our  November 2011 issue. It’s a random-orbit sander with two really significant [...]

JET’s Vortex Dust Collector

When it comes to … well most anything, I’m a huge skeptic. I’m not a conspiracy theorist mind you, but I seldom believe what I hear or read. I have to be convinced. Tool manufacturers, [...]

Oops! Dust Storm Disaster

Dust Storm Disaster After reading about the health hazards of microscopic dust particles, I decided to retrofit my old dust collector with a canister filter. This was its second upgrade: [...]


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