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Applying contact cement with a roller is my preferred method, as opposed to spraying it on. There’s not as much clean-up, and I don’t have to deal with overspray.

There are drawbacks to this method, however. Mainly, the glue needs to be covered to keep it from skinning over between applications. Also, if you’re trimming laminate nearby, laminate chips in your glue spells disaster.

Here’s my simple, low-tech solution. I use disposable roller tray liners to avoid clean-up, and it occurred to me that I could use one of these liners upside down as a cover. I attached the liners with two pieces of masking tape on one end to act as hinges. I also made a small notch for the roller’s handle on the other end. The mating liners seal up well enough to protect the glue from debris and keep it from skinning over. -Kelly Neumann




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