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Tool: The Dremel Moto-Saw

Manufacturer: Dremel

Price: $107

A scroll saw is the go-to tool for making fine, detailed cuts. But a scroll saw, for many shops, doesn’t even break into the top ten must-have tools. The Dremel Moto-Saw is at a price point that puts a scroll saw within easy reach for non scroll saw aficionados. Compared to a full-size scroll saw, the Moto-Saw is a fairly light-duty tool. It performs best in stock that’s 3/4″ thick or less. The throat – at 10″ deep –accommodates a reasonably large workpiece.

I can see how this could come in very handy for the occasional scrolling task; it’s relatively inexpensive, takes up no floor space, and is extremely portable. The Moto-Saw is equipped with a base that can be clamped onto a bench wherever it’s needed. With the push of a button, it slips out of its base, becoming a powered coping saw.

2-in-1 Scroll Saw out of base

The Moto-Saw features a no-fuss auto-tensioning system, making blade changes fast and adjustment-free. Blade options include fine and coarse tooth blades for wood, plastic, etc., and a metal cutting option. A variable speed wheel lets you set the speed to match the task at hand. There’s also a dust port under the table. –Brad Holden

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