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7 Tips for Tricky Glue-ups

Glue-ups are always a stressful moment – you have a short timeframe to correctly align the parts you’ve been working on for some time, and failure to do so can compromise your results. So, I [...]

Scratch-Free Flush Cuts

Scratch-Free Flush Cuts No matter how carefully I cut with my economy-model flushcutting saw, it always left scratch marks on the wood’s surface. To solve the problem, I attached a playing card [...]

Friday at Brad’s Bench May 30th

Reclaimed Lumber Back at the beginning of April I wrote about some household items I made using leftovers from a commissioned project. Well, I thought I'd show you the original project. [...]

Friday at Brad’s Bench May 23rd

Let the Boxes Begin A couple weeks ago I wrote about some teak that I salvaged from an old Adirondack chair. I started a project with it today; a long, slender dovetailed box with a sliding lid. [...]

Q & A: Bowl-Gouge Sharpening Jigs

Q: Try as I might, I can’t seem to get a good edge on my bowl gouges. Are bowlgouge sharpening jigs worth looking into? A: Bowl-gouge sharpening jigs do a great job. The jigs give many [...]

AW Extra 5/22/14 – Saber-Saw Cushion

Saber-Saw Cushion The next time you use your saber saw, forget about hauling out the sawhorses or cantilevering a hard-to-hold workpiece off your bench. Extruded polystyrene insulation board, the [...]

Friday at Brad’s Bench May 16th

You Want Me To Help You Make a What? If you have kids in school, you’re well aware of the fact that you’ll be pressed into service to help make art projects countless times. For me, [...]

Q & A: What’s a Tail Vise?

Q: I am really puzzled as to how the tail vise actually works as I have only used a front vise. A: A tail vise’s main purpose is to hold a board flat on the bench for planing, routing, [...]

Friday at Brad’s Bench May 9th

A Little Bit of Buried Treasure   A friend of mine had an old two-seater Adirondack chair that she figured was rotting and ready for the landfill. But she liked it so much, that she asked me [...]


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