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An accurate inside measurement is sometimes difficult to obtain. For example, I needed to take a measurement behind a cabinet’s face frame to fit a new shelf. Typically, most people would solve this one of two ways. Some would try the quick and dirty method of bending the tape into the corner which is a close guess at best. Or, some might use the noted dimension of the tape’s body added to the reading at the tape’s mouth.

The problems with the second method are three-fold; you can forget to actually add the dimension, make a math addition error, or just plain not realize that it’s a flawed, inaccurate method. Here’s my solution.

I switched one of my quick-clamps to the spreader position, opened the jaws until they just touched the cabinet’s sides, and then measured the jaws from outer face to outer face for an exact dimension. -Alejandro Balbis




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  • ibjman

    Difficulty accessing projects photos on this page. Most photos are blank or just show a grey bar showing the photo description where the picture should be showing. (android phone).
    #2 this page jumps all over the place when scrolled.

  • BMDWoodworks

    Like using the inside set of points on Vernier calipers. Very clever!

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