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Tool: Super General T.K.

Manufacturer: Infinity

Price: $109

Do you avoid changing blades on your tablesaw? Do you feel like your tablesaw doesn’t have enough power? Is your current blade coated with burned residue? If you answer “Yes” to all these questions, then it’s time to take a good look at a high-quality thin-kerf blade like this one, the Super-General T.K. from Infinity.

Blades that perform well at both ripping and crosscutting were once called “combination” blades. Many manufacturers now make “general purpose” blades, which have a slightly different tooth pattern but can also be left in the saw for both cutting operations. Infinity’s Super-General is, as the name implies, one of those blades.

As for increasing horsepower, well, a new blade can’t actually do that, but it can reduce the load on your saw’s motor. With its narrower teeth, a thin-kerf blade removes up to 25% less material than a typical 1/8″ kerf blade. Cutting a board with a thin-kerf blade requires less power, so the saw is less likely to bog down. You wont have to push as hard, either.

The Super-General’s plate has a hi-tech, aluminum infused coating that reduces friction and is easy to clean. According to Infinity, this particular coating also aids in quickly diffusing heat, which helps the teeth stay sharp longer. You’ll notice, however, that there’s no coating on the blade’s hub. This helps keep the blade running true, according to Infinity, because coatings are rarely uniform in thickness. They’ve removed any possibility that an uneven coating could affect how the plate mates against the saw’s arbor washers.

The Infinity Super General is one of the nicest thin kerf blades I’ve used. It’s made with first-rate materials, including thick, C4 sub-micron carbide teeth. The 30° ATB (alternate top bevel) teeth also have an aggressive hook angle and deliver crisp, clean rips and cross-cuts in all commonly used materials.

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