Not Just An Old Drill

About 30 years ago, my girlfriend led me to a dark, cluttered basement workshop to meet a sweet, 70-ish gem of a man: her grandfather, Hayes. He was surrounded by a lifetime’s collection of [...]

Lathe Tool Wedgie

My lathe tool rack is based on a fishing rod rack that I made some time ago. Made from 3/4-in.-thick walnut, it measures 3-1/8-in. by 10-in. by 30- in. I made the matching front and back tool [...]

Why You Need a Moisture Meter

It can save you lots of money—and grief! Are you a scrounger? Always looking for a deal? Self-reliant? Those words fit a lot of woodworkers, particularly those who search for unusual or [...]

Book Excerpt: Tools by Theodore Gray

Tools: A Visual Exploration of Implements & Devices in the Workshop If there’s one thing to be said about woodworkers, it’s that we’re old school and prefer to pick up a book (or a magazine). [...]

Make Your Own Stain Marker

Finding a felt-tip marker or touch-up stick that actually matches the color of your project is a real crapshoot. What if you could make your own, using your own stain? You can, using the Perfect [...]

10 Great Woodworking Gifts for Mom 2024

If your Mom is a woodworker, then this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift guide to help you shop. She’ll love anything you get for her on this list. Looking to build something for your [...]

Nothing is Absolute

Ease and speed versus the idealization of the past – sometimes. When Lord Acton wrote that “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” he was referring to politics, but he could as easily have been [...]

Rockler Pock-It Hole Clamp Review

Tool: Quick-Release Pock-It Hole Clamp Shop Now Manufacturer: Rockler MSRP: $25.99 Pocket hole joints are quick and easy to make. For some applications, such as face frames, they’re perfect. But [...]

Veritas Mortise Chisel Review

Tool: Mortise Chisels Shop Now Manufacturer: Veritas MSRP: $76.50+ The Veritas (Lee Valley) mortise chisels are awesome in every sense of the word. They’re big, heavy and can plow through a [...]

Precision Vises, Part 2

Precision vises serve a purpose beyond their conventional use of securing workpieces on the drill press. In my workshops, these tools prove invaluable, especially when it comes to tasks like [...]

Precision Vises, Part 1

I confess to having a weakness for collecting Precision Vises (aka Toolmaker’s vises). These machinist tools, bearing names that mirror their meticulous craftsmanship, redefine the game when it [...]

Precision Depth Gauge

My dovetail jig doesn’t have a depth gauge, and with my engineering background, I like things to be precise. This depth gauge allows me to set my router bits to within .001 of an inch! I also use [...]

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