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Tool: HP-6FX Multiplane Shop Now

Manufacturer: Bridge City Tool Works

MSRP: $789

If you’ve ever taken a look at Bridge City Tools, you’ll know that they have a history of having futuristic-looking tools that perform as well as they look. Last year, Bridge City released an update to their HP-6 multiplane. The new HP-6FX is a mighty tool packed in a small package. Like its predecessors, the interchangeable soles and cutters allow you to cut various profiles with one plane. The new version of the HP-6 features high-grade stainless steel and, like all Bridge City Tools, has flawless CNC machining.

The HP-6FX comes standard as a rabbet plane—it features a rabbet blade and sole (left photo). The sole has nickers for cross-grain work. The real beauty about the HP-6FX, when compared to other multiplanes (such as a Stanley 45/55), is the fact that when you change blades, you also change soles. This means the edge is supported as you cut, much like a wooden molding plane. The soles are attached to the plane via dovetailed slots. The front and rear soles slip off, the blade gets swapped out, and new soles get slipped on. Ingenious.

Some of the profiles available for the HP-6FX are a crowning kit (in three radii), a dado/groove kit (seven widths), a radius crown (think roundover—five diameters), and a V-groove kit (60° and 90° angles). If you’ve invested in a previous version of the HP-6, don’t worry. All of the soles and blades are backward and forward-compatible. Previous versions’ soles will fit on the new HP-6FX, and the new HP-6FX soles will fit on previous versions of the plane. If you would like to see the HP-6FX in action, check out the video below


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