Author: Dan Farnbach | Popular Woodworking Magazine

New Faces (and Some old Ones)

What really stood out for me at our annual woodworking conference last month were all the new faces and ideas. Part of that was the new location – Winston-Salem, N.C. – and part of it was the [...]

Maps for Your Journey

The search for design inspiration is a journey down many different roads, some of them fruitful and some dead-end. One of our goals within Popular Woodworking University’s online classes is to [...]

What is Shellac?

This 11-minute video excerpt, featuring the one and only Don Williams, is a fairly complete answer to a common question – what is shellac? I say “fairly complete” because the video generated a [...]

Success! Enjoy Your Free Bookcase Plans!

Congratulations! Here’s your free download of our Bookcase Plan Combo Pack. To download in digital PDF format click the button below or the cover image. Depending on your computer’s settings, you [...]

Like Riding a Bike

Our next online course in Popular Woodworking University is a 1-hour, live web seminar with one of the hardest-working educators in our network. Bill Rainford is a North Bennet Street School [...]

The 1 Plan Every Woodworker has Overlooked

Shop floor plans, furniture project plans, woodworking business plans and – most important during summer – vacation plans. Woodworkers are planners. The craft relies on our uncanny ability to [...]

Tangible Assets

Like most woodworkers, I got interested in the craft because I like producing real things – tangible additions to my environment. That’s also why I got into the book and magazine world. I like [...]


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