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Re-sawing a board is tricky. Most blades drift, so that you must angle the board to get a straight cut. Standard bandsaw fences can’t be angled to compensate for drift, so many folks use a single-point fence instead, like this one. The point on my fence is a tall stack of machine bearings, which gives me effortless, resistance-free cutting.

To build the fence, you’ll need a 5/16 steel rod, 5/16 i.d. bearings, 5/16 i.d.washers, a base 6 to 8 wide and as long as the depth of your saw’s table, an upright (its height depends on your saw’s capacity), and a hardwood cap to house the steel rod and hold the bearings in place. The steel rod and washers are available at any hardware store for a few bucks. (Try an auto parts or surplus store; the exact i.d. and o.d. of the bearings aren’t particularly important.)

Drill a 5/16 hole at the base’s point to house the steel rod’s bottom end. Position the hole to allow the bearings to overhang the point by 1/8. Glue and screw the upright to the base, 1/8 behind the bearings. Insert the rod in the base’s hole and stack the bearings with a washer between each one. Insert the top end of the rod in the cap’s hole, and then screw the cap to the upright, making sure it’s positioned so that the bearing stack is square to the saw’s table. John English

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