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Tool Test: A New Way to Inlay

One word describes this tool, its cutters and the twist on the materials used: innovative.
By the editors
Page: 16

From the August 2010 issue #184
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Seldom does a tool come along that changes how we look at a woodworking technique, but the Noden Inlay Razor does just that. The Inlay Razor, designed by Adjust-A-Bench inventor Geoffrey Noden, allows you to make an unlimited variety of inlay bandings as quickly as you can prepare the wood.

Although the process looks as if it might be slow, the work glides along easily. In fact, the process to create straight or curved banding is as addictive as it is creative.

While the tool itself is very simple, the idea and the design of the cutters used to slice the wood are outstanding and a bit mind-bending. The concept is light-years ahead of its time, but the cutting blades are decades old.

Blog: Read more about this tool and watch a short video at popularwoodworking.com/aug10.

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