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Tool: Grr-Ripper 2 Go Shop Now  

Manufacturer: MicroJig

MSRP: $29

MicroJig, the company behind the much acclaimed, Grr-Ripper push block, recently released a new, trimmed-down version of the very same push block. The new push block, shown below, is called the Grr-Ripper 2 Go. Unlike its heftier big brother, the Grr-Ripper 2 Go has no moving parts. Instead, the rubber-lined legs on the bottom of the block are spaced out in particular intervals. The spacing of these legs are the key to the operation of the 2 go. The push block comes with a sticker that gets applied to the tape on your fence (see inset photo). The sticker has color markers that coordinate with colors that are located on the top of the push block. When you locate your fence, the color that the fence marker lands on will tell you which way to hold the push block — on one end is blue and orange, and the other is marked with green, yellow, and green hashes. By holding the push block in the correct orientation, you’re guaranteed that the blade will clear the push block legs.

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