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Queen Anne Table

After 250 years, this design hasn’t lost its practicality or its distinctive appeal. By Craig W. Bentzley Pages: 53-59 From …

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Poppy Table

Before developing the rectilinear Craftsman style, Gustav Stickley experimented with curvaceous Art Nouveau designs. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 36-41…

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Creole Table

Born on a bayou, this sought-after American table is spiced with both French and Canadian influences. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: …

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Folding Campaign Table

Reproducing knock-down furniture from two centuries ago. By Mario Rodriguez Pages: 46-50 From the August 2008 issue #170 Buy this …

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A Tailored Tea Table

A graceful slipper-footed design enhanced with additional period details. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 34-42 From the June 2008 issue …

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The Barnsley Hay Rake Table

Inspired by the agricultural tools of rural England, this massive oak table is awash in hand-worked details. By Don Weber Pages: 60-65 From the February 2009 issue #174

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