SensGard Ear Chamber Hearing Protection

by Rob Porcaro page 18 Before reading why these SensGard hearing protectors are so good, consider if you share some of the problems I have had with other protectors. I do not like stuffing things into my ear canals, such as foam plugs that must be compressed with often dirty fingers,...

Video: How to Choose a Push Stick – Table Saw Safety

Push sticks? Yes, that is the topic of today’s blog, and it’s also the answer – Yes! Every woodworker has had a close call (or worse) or knows someone who has. Table saws are dangerous and even the experienced get hurt. But before this devolves into a diatribe about table saw...

Q & A: Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription Safety Glasses   Q: I hate fumbling with goggles over my prescription glasses, so I’ve given up. Don’t regular glasses protect my eyes well enough in the workshop? A: No. Normal prescription glasses, even if they have plastic lenses, are no substitute for safety glasses.Bite the bullet and buy a...

Home Woodworking.

I am a "Home Woodworker" building all kinds off things and safety was for sissies. I allways said "it wiil never happen to me" , was I wrong?

Keep shop neat

What tips and tricks do you have to keep your shop neat?  Tell us — and share with the community!   Thanks, The American Woodworker Team

Tools for kids

My daughter is really into watching me work. I would like to get her started on woodworking. What tools are best for small hands?