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I took a look at our analytics for the blogs on our site and found that y’all really like drama and Chris Schwarz. I really can’t blame you, I’ve waited for the day of reckoning when we can put the “why isn’t a 2×4 actually 2×4” conversation to bed. And Chris…can you even be a woodworker in the 21st century with one of his holy works by your bench? I don’t blame my fellow readers of the shop blog for liking what they do!

As your Online Content Director since April, I’ve had a blast sharing some of the best woodworking knowledge out there with all of you. Our regular contributors, Christopher Schwarz, Bob Flexner, Tim Celeski, Nancy Hiller, Yoav Liberman, Huy Huynh and Shawn Graham have made my job a delight and actually pretty straightforward with their great content. I am thankful that I stand on the shoulders of many editors who have given me a platform to build from. While digging through analytics, it’s actually pretty tough to find individual blog posts from 2017 because we have so many legacy articles and posts that perform amazingly well to this day.

One honest request is this, and please don’t make me regret this, I’d love to hear feedback and topic requests for our blog more often. I am amazed at how little I hear from all of you about our content and at times, I feel like I am flying blind. So at the end of every article you read, take advantage of that hyperlink in the name of the author and send a note. It will push us to drum up content that serves this incredible community even better.

Have a wonderful holiday season,
David Lyell

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  • Raymond

    Hi David, here’s comment number 2 :o)
    Building on mbholden’s comment regarding the hot links to open the post:
    Allow them to also open in another tab or window, at our choice with a right click . Unless they were hosed, none of the top 10 allowed that. I prefer that to keep my place in the overall blog, or in the post when there are external references.
    A belated Happy Solstice and a grand New Year to everyone!

  • mbholden

    David, you wanted a comment? Here it is: Delete whatever HTML crap that makes placing the cursor over the “continue reading” open the following page!! It is very annoying! Let ME choose when to move on and how I do so!
    BTW, Merry Xmas to you and all the staff at F+W

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