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Original images: Hal Gatewood and Fredy Jacob

2021 is coming to a close, and as is the tradition, we look back at the most popular articles we published in the past year. Our reader’s interests were as diverse as ever, branching across time and topic- there’s techniques, projects, comedy, and one controversially messy shop. Was there an article you particularly enjoyed that didn’t make the list? Let us know below!

10. The Unicorn Sharpening Method

9. My Normal Workshop

8. $100 Router Table

7. The Maker Workstation

6. LVL Workbench

5. The Anvil Test

4. 17 Router Tips

3. Why Portable Planers are Better

2. Super Glued

1. Milling Your Own Lumber

Happy New Year!


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  • Shaun Harper

    I’m surprised you had 10 original articles to choose from. Mostly what gets posted here are reprints of columns from many years ago.

    • Collin Knoff

      We posted 392 articles about woodworking the past year, from dozens of talented woodworkers, all free of charge. Does it really matter when they were first published?

      • Shaun Harper

        It does if we have already read them years ago. The content is still relevant and I guess for new subscribers meaningful. For many of us that have subscribed for more than a decade its not very helpful.
        Would love to see a few new project articles even if they have to be posted over many weeks.

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