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Tool: Preval Spray System

Manufacturer: Preval

Price: $5

For spraying small projects, this portable, self-contained Preval Spray System sprays almost any finish quickly and easily. Just fill the container with the appropriately thinned finish of your choice, attach the power unit and spray. In the photo, it’s spraying de-waxed shellac at a 2lb. cut, but it also works great with oil or water-based polyurethane. The main limitation is that you have a round spray pattern only; no adjustability.

Each power unit sprays up to 16 oz. of liquid and can cover about 100 sq. ft. of surface area. Replacement power units, spray buttons, dip tubes, containers and even a trigger-style gun handle are sold separately.

This system is powered by compressed gas, so the power unit can become quite cold with continuous use. This can reduce the performance of the sprayer and chill the liquid being sprayed. So, when the power unit begins to feel cold, it’s best to take a break until it warms back up.

If you don’t exhaust the power unit in a single use, you’ll need to clean it. Just spray through whatever solvent you’re using to thin your finish until it comes out clear. If you do exhaust the power unit after a single use, no cleanup is necessary!

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