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Angle-Ease Router Base from Woodhaven

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04pwm1114tooltestBy Chuck Bender

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A router table that tilts opens up vast new worlds when it comes to making mouldings. The one feature that I love about the Angle-Ease (from Woodhaven) is its ability to tilt. This lift gives you the ability to make complex mouldings with a router that are impossible to make without lots of specialized hand tools (and a ton of time to develop the skills to use them).

The Angle-Ease came almost completely disassembled in a flat box, but the instructions and assembly were easy to follow. This is different than other router lifts I’ve used. While it wasn’t difficult work, it wasn’t as easy as pulling the thing out of the box and dropping it into a table. It took about 20 minutes to assemble.

The plate fits into most standard lift openings, with an ample slot that accommodates bits up to 2″ in diameter. Positive locking positions every 5° make adjusting the angle a breeze.

I found the lift mechanism a little difficult to use. Because it functions off a single threaded rod, my router tended to twist and bind as I raised and lowered it. A second rod (a slave rod) would fix the problem. I also found it difficult to change the bits; a large, removable, slotted throat plate would help.

But the fact that this lift tilts makes it an invaluable tool in spite of its shortcomings. I’m a huge fan of the flexibility offered by a router that is tilted and held securely, and this lift gives you that option, which no other commercially made lift does. For standard routing processes, however, I’m still using my favorite non-tilting lift.

If you want to broaden your moulding-making capabilities, the Angle-Ease will tilt your woodworking world.

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From the November 2014 issue, #214


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