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The xTool P2 is a medium- sized laser, big enough to be useful in the shop, but small enough to still fit on a cart.

Tool: P2 Laser Shop Now

Manufacturer: xTool

MSRP: $4999

If you spend any amount of time flipping through woodworking content online or on YouTube, you’ve probably been introduced to lasers, and maybe even the xTool P2. The P2 is a laser that’s just a bit larger and more powerful than other in its class.

The P2 is a 55w laser, which means it can cut through a lot of different material that you use in the shop—plywood, hardwood, acrylic, etc. Dual cameras within the laser give you a real-time view on what’s inside. This makes lining up cuts easy—you can stretch your material further by nesting parts together. Another great feature is the auto focus. By selecting the material within the software, the laser will automatically read the thickness and set the focus. 

xTool Creative Space is an easy-to-use interface for those not experienced with lasers.

All of that is pretty great, but what makes the P2 stand out in my mind are the accessories that you can get for it. In the photo here, we have the riser base installed — allowing taller material to be fit inside the laser. Additionally, there are options for items such as pass-through rollers (for engraving or cutting long parts), rotary chucks for holding stuff such as mugs or cups, and rollers for working with round material.

Cutting, engraving, and scoring can all be done within the xTool P2.

Personally, I was pretty skeptical of a laser when they first came on the scene. They were a neat, one trick pony. However, as the lasers have gotten better (and more accessories have been added), I think that the possibilities and applications in the shop have increased. Let’s not forget to mention the ability to add a side hustle and generate a bit of extra income. And in my mind, the xTool P2 is leading the pack in this category of lasers. Keep an eye out for more content coming on the P2 down the road.

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