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Eames-style Table

A great way to try cold-bending, learn a new band-saw trick and fire up the hand-held power planer. By Christopher …

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Draw-leaf Game Table

This two-for-one table adds space for extra players without disturbing anything on the tabletop. By Glen Huey Pages: 66-72 From …

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Ribbon Table

Impossible? No. Impossibly easy. By John Hutchinson Pages: 74-78 From the August 2006 issue #156 Buy this issue now If …

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Country Settle Table

This convertible project serves as a nice breakfast table, a handy small chest and a surprisingly comfortable place to sit.…

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Queen Anne Table

After 250 years, this design hasn’t lost its practicality or its distinctive appeal. By Craig W. Bentzley Pages: 53-59 From …

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Poppy Table

Before developing the rectilinear Craftsman style, Gustav Stickley experimented with curvaceous Art Nouveau designs. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 36-41…

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