Creating CNC Textures

Three ways to achieve different types of textures with your CNC router. CNC Routers open up lots of new ways to create textures in wood. Here are my three favorite ways of creating textures using [...]

Getting to Know CNC Bits

The magic of CNCs lies in the bits… bits determine whether the final result is just okay, or if it’s perfect! CNCs are simply routers controlled by a computer. The electronics tell the [...]

Whiteside CNC Router Bit Set Review

Tool: General Purpose CNC Set #709 Shop Now Manufacturer: Whiteside Machine Company MSRP: $232.90 Whiteside Machine Company has announced a release of a new set of router bits, aimed at the [...]

CNC Outfeed Table

Optimize your shop space with this multi-function outfeed table that gives your CNC router a convenient home. My one-car-garage-turned-shop doesn’t have room for a 4’x4′ CNC router. I [...]

Rolling Stand

This rolling stand is the perfect mobile workstation. Use it for a computer in your shop or to mount a power tool.  Project #2303 • Skill Level: Beginner • Time: 2 Days • Cost: $120 Over the last [...]

Digital Woodworking

Learn how computers, software and CNCs can contribute in your shop. There are a lot of ways to do woodworking. For example, there’s more than a dozen ways to make mortises and tenons. The same is [...]

In-depth with Shaper Origin

  Every now and then, a new tool hits the marketplace that changes the way we work. In the last decade or so, CNC routers have been one of those tools. Love them, hate them … want one, [...]

Feeds & Speeds for CNC Routers

Understanding the importance of chip load calculations. If you have spent time using handheld routers then you have developed an intuitive sense for what is the ideal feed rate and speed for the [...]

Router Carving

Ready-to-carve 3D images make it easy to produce finished machine carvings or hand tool ready roughouts. Creating stunning carved woodwork has never been easier with a CNC router. Think of all [...]

CNC the Maker Workstation

Build a modern workbench using digital woodworking tools The Maker Workstation Overview • Building The Top • Building The Base •  Furniture & Accessories • CNC Instructions If you’re a CNC [...]

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