Passion-Built Shop

My wife and I were walking through a Home Depot store about 20 years ago, when I noticed a small Makita tablesaw and mentioned that it would be fun to have a tool like that just to fool around [...]

Great Woodshops: Living the European Dream

A St. Louis physician spent years assembling the perfect shop. The problem with many “dream shops” is that their visionaries never wake up and get on with building any furniture. There’s nothing [...]

Down-to-Earth Shop

I always look forward to reading “My Shop” in American Woodworker. I envy those guys who have woodshops the size of a five-car garage that look more like castles than workshops.  Some [...]

Modified Traveler’s Tool Case

"I was looking for a tool tote to set beside my shave horse when doing demos with the SCA East Kingdom Foresters Guild. I attached the cover with hinges and added tool slots for use when working. [...]

Not Your Grandpa’s Combo Machine

Upgrading tools is a really touchy subject. As a hobbyist/enthusiast there’s a fine balance between needs, desires, and budget. I can remember those nagging mantras…“buy once, cry once,” [...]

Harbor Freight Clamps One Year Later

A year ago I wrote about the demise of America’s clamp manufacturers and my choice to try a few inexpensive alternatives for the obsolete Pony, Wetzler and the like. We decided to buy a few types [...]

Our New Shop – Take a Look!

Last Friday afternoon we moved tons of stuff (literally) to our new shop and managed to get most of the big stuff set in place by the end of the day. The photo here will show you how things are [...]

New Woodshop Nearly Ready

In about three weeks, we’ll be moving into new digs after more than 10 years in our current location. It’s less than a mile away. With the move date fast approaching, the new shop [...]

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