The Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 3

We woodworkers work hard to put stuff together. But we suck eggs when it comes to taking things apart. Every woodworker – no matter how skilled – needs an “iron crow.” It’s a thin-bladed pry bar [...]

Friday’s Tip for November 29th

Tablesaw Sled Cutoff Block My sliding cutoff sled gets lots of use for repetitive cuts. In the past, I clamped a board to use as a stop, but moving it for different cuts became cumbersome. To [...]

The Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 2

If you buy your screwdriver tips at the home center, then you have probably figured out they are made from recycled chewing gum. They are, for the most part, worthless. The steel is too soft, the [...]

The Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 1

I’ve been gagging a lot lately on some of the woodworking “gift guides” out there. About 90 percent of the stuff in them is just silly, cheap stuff that you really don’t need. I can say this [...]

Cherry Bedside Table Shop Drawings

At the conclusion of the nine part series Designing Furniture From Scratch In SketchUp I promised shop drawings. True to my word this post will provide you with the SketchUp model file, complete [...]

Video Short with Jeff Miller

As editors, we search our two web sites ( and constantly for information for the online extras portion of all  articles and most columns – the [...]

An Even Better Bench Light

This summer I swallowed hard and praised an inexpensive IKEA light that I used while teaching at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. When I returned home, I was going to buy one. But then I [...]

Pinterest – Yea or Nay?

If you read my personal blog, you know I’m in the midst of deciding what to do with my kitchen (so I can sell my house). I have a “kitchen file” (read: a boot box overflowing [...]

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