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Benchtop Tool System

My shop is in a two-car garage, which (outrageously enough) I must share with two cars. That’s why I use benchtop tools. Unfortunately, they’re somewhat  hard to store.
My solution is a two-part benchtop tool system that’s as versatile as it is compact. The first part is a simple storage rack to keep all my tools off the floor. The second part is a Black & Decker Work-Mate that I bought at a home center. It serves as a sturdy workstation for each tool.

My benchtop tools are bolted to four plywood bases that slide into the rack. Nothing special so far. But the plywood bases have a center 2×2 frame that’s slightly smaller than the maximum opening on my Work-Mate. Once I set the tool in place, a single turn of the clamping handles holds the tool securely. The resulting workstation is remarkably solid, doesn’t “walk” across the floor, and can be quickly stowed away when I need the space for something else.


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