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Space-Saving Clamp Rack

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Space-Saving Clamp Rack

My bench is too small for big glue-ups. The only spot large enough is a little bit of open floor in my basement shop. I wasn’t about to try glue-ups on the floor, so I had to get creative. My space-saving clamp rack was the answer. I punched a series of 1-1/8-in. holes every 3 in. along the centerline of a 12-in. x 8-ft. piece of plywood. Then I ripped the board down the middle, freeing up a pair of notched clamping racks. I nailed cleats to each rack so they would slip over my sawhorses and remain upright. The rack works for whatever length clamps I’m using and can support 8-ft.-long boards. When the glue-up is over, the racks just pop off the sawhorses and store out of the way in the corner of my shop. Who needs a big shop anyway?

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