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Bandsaw Table Lock

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Before I installed this device, I couldn't lock my bandsaw's table securely enough for resawing. If I banged a heavy board on the outboard side, the table would always tip out of adjustment. Now the table stays fixed at 90 degrees. After removing the table, I drilled and tapped two 1/4-in. holes and bolted on a 3-in. length of angle iron with a slot cut in the long leg. After reinstalling the table and locking it perpendicular to the blade, I used this slot to locate and drill another 1/4-in. hole in the saw casting. I tapped this hole and installed a length of threaded rod, which I locked into place by tightening a nut against the frame. To lock the top at 90 degrees, I installed two additional nuts and a washer underneath the angle. When
I want to tilt the table, I just remove the knob and its washer. 

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