An Interview With Roy Underhill

Normally when a book publishing company sends out a copy of its newest book, the marketing people will include a transcript of a short interview with the author that discusses the book. This is [...]

Tool News – M Power Sharpener

A sharp chisel edge makes your work all that much easier. But keeping those tools sharp is a skill that's learned over a long time. Oil stones? Jigs? Water stones? Not to mention the precise [...]

New Bosch Router Table Base

If you've got a Bosch router hanging in your router table and are tired of reaching under the table to make height adjustments, here's good news. The new RA1165 base, $60, includes [...]

Perfectly Sized Dadoes

  Fine-tuning dado width for a perfect fit can drive you nuts because plywood thickness is inconsistent. Enter the Dado Wiz, $159. That's a lot of dough for a dado-only jig, but this [...]

Frame-and-Panel Set

    Frame-and-panel router bits sets are thickness specific, so the bits you use for a cabinet door may not be the same set you need for a delicate jewelry box made from thinner [...]

No-Tweak Dovetail Jig

The Akeda dovetail jig first hit the woodworking world in March 2003. Production problems took this tool off the market for a while, but now it's back and available from more distributors [...]

Instant Carving

  A friend of mine spent years trying to teach me to carve. Sorry, it just ain't in these hands. But CMT had me carving—sort of—in minutes. The company's new 3D Router [...]

Greene and Greene Everyday Slide Show

Being inside a truly great house is like being transported to another world. The vision of the architect and the hands of the craftsmen create something that is set apart from the rest of the [...]

Review: New Book from Roy Underhill

One of the biggest struggles with learning hand tools is finding instructions that make sense. Many modern hand tool teachers have taught themselves to saw, plane and chop. And while their [...]

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