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Welcome to the 2020 edition of the Popular Woodworking gift guide! There’s something for everyone, whether they’ve been holed up in the shop for years or are just starting out.

The Gift For All Woodworkers: Woodworking Magazine Reprints Buy Now

Manufacturer: Popular Woodworking

Price: $9.95/issue

Woodworking Magazine ran from 2004 to 2009 and featured no fluff, no ads, just some of our best editors ever making a timeless woodworking publication. We’ve brought back all 16 issues as high-quality reprints, the perfect gift for any woodworker.

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer: Graph Gear 1000 Buy Now

Manufacturer: Pentel

Price: $10

While most mechanical pencils aren’t cut out for life in the shop, the Graph Gear 1000 features robust construction and a retractable tip that prevents damage from dropping. Once you switch to an always-sharp mechanical pencil in the shop, you won’t go back.

For the Saftey Conscious: Fulton Safety Woodworking Push Block and Push Stick Package Buy Now

Manufacturer: Fulton Woodworking Tools and Accessories

Price: $18.50

We’ve been on a huge safety kick at the PopWood office lately, since the last place anyone wants to be is in the hospital. This set of push blocks and sticks is an easy way to up your safety game without breaking the bank. As a bonus, the bright orange color means they won’t get lost in the shop when you need them.

For the Box Maker: The New Bandsaw Box Book Buy Now

Publisher: Cedar Lane Press

Price: $19.95

This book from David Picciuto (of Make Something fame) focuses on bringing bandsaw box building in the 21st century. Filled with modern designs, great pictures, and clear instructions, it’s sure to be a hit with the bandsaw enthusiast in your life.

For the Woodworker with Children in Their Life: The Guide to Woodworking with Kids Buy Now

Publisher: Blue Hills Press

Price: $19.95

Woodworking is a true multigenerational hobby, and this book is the perfect way to get a new generation started. Not only does it feature plans that are accessible to all age groups, but it also helps young woodworkers develop critical thinking and planning skills that will help them design their own projects in the future.


For the Detail-Oriented: Fancy Woodworking Nails Buy Now

Manufacturer: Various

Price: Varies

The nail gets a bad rap in some woodworking circles, but many woodworkers are just using the wrong nails! There are several types of nails that hold stronger and look better than modern wire nails. Christopher Schwarz put it best: “When I can afford these nails I am happy to pay that much – not only because of their holding power but because they look wonderful.”

For the Woodworker That Loves Grain: The Soul of a Tree: A Master Woodworkers Reflections Buy Now

Publisher: Kodansha USA

Price: $27.62

George Nakashima was one of the most influential woodworkers of the 20th century, and this seminal autobiography puts words behinds those feelings lots of woodworkers get when thinking about their craft. It’s not a hands-on how-to book, instead focusing on bigger ideas and the larger world through the lens of a true master.

For the Woodturner: Ultra-Sheer Center Finder Buy Now

Manufacturer: Woodpeckers

Price: $29.99-$39.99

Finding the center of your work piece is an essential part of nearly every woodturning project. The Ultra-Sheer center find from Woodpeckers comes in 2″ and 8″ sizes and is built to withstand a lifetime of center-marking duties.

For the Woodworker Looking for Something Different: Japanese Ryoba Saw Buy Now

Manufacturer: SUIZAN

Price: $38.80

Japanese pull saws continue to grow in popularity, and for good reason. The mechanics of a pull stroke make it well suited for a variety of woodworking tasks, and the thin blade leaves a smaller kerf. This ryoba saw from SUIZAN is a great all-around model for someone looking to try out this style of sawing.

For the Woodworker on The Go: Handyman Tool Belt Set Buy Now

Manufacturer: ToughBuilt

Price: $39.99 

This heavy-duty belt with detachable pockets is perfect for the carpenter or tradesperson who needs all day-dependability, as well as the homeowner who wants a quality option that’s reasonably priced.

For the Woodworker Looking for Flexibility: 320 Pocket Hole Jig Buy Now

Manufacturer: Kreg

Price: $39.99

The Kreg 320 Pocket Hole Jig is a culmination of 30 years experience in pocket hole joinery. It’s portable and compact, so you can bring it to your work instead of bringing your work to the jig; it’s flexible, with settings for different thicknesses of wood and adjustable spacing; and it’s well constructed and durable like everything else Kreg manufactures. Whether this is your first pocket hole jig or your fifth, you’ll find something to appreciate.

For the Lover of the Outdoors: 45th Anniversary Youth Hatchet Buy Now

Manufacturer: Garrett Wade

Price: $49.50

Everyone should chop some wood now and then. A quality hatchet allows people of all ages to enjoy this experience, and the 45th Anniversary Youth Hatchet from Garrett Wade is the perfect tool for the job. The German-made hatchet features an extra-long handle for additional momentum when chopping brush or making kindling, good for both introducing younger people to the ritual, as well as for bringing in your bag on hiking and camping trips.

For the Person Who Appreciates the Finer Thing: Leather Saw Case Buy Now

Manufacturer: Garrett Wade

Price: $63

There’s something intangible about interacting with an item of exceptional quality- a special aura almost. Which is exactly what you’ll experience with this beautifully-crafted suede saw case. Designed to hold up to three saws, you’ll be looking for reasons to take your saws in and out of it as often as possible.

For the Audiophile: XTRA 2.0 Buy Now

Manufacturer: ISOtunes

Price: $79.99

Using headphones as earplugs usually results in a poor compromise of safety and audio quality. That’s no longer the case, thanks to the ISOtunes XTRA 2.0. Featuring 27 dB noise reduction, IP67 rating for dust and sweat, and an 11-hour battery life, you can have your cake an eat it when it comes to earbuds in the workshop. Not to mention, they’re cordless, so you don’t have anything dangling from your phone while you’re working.

For the Woodworker Without a Shop: Creative Woodburner Buy Now

Manufacturer: Walnut Hollow

Price: $99

The pandemic has separated many woodworkers from their normal shop or maker space, forcing them to exercise their creativity at home. Thankfully, wood burning is a hobby that can be enjoyed with very little investment right in your kitchen. This kit from Walnut Hollow is simple enough to be used by a beginner, but has enough bells and whistles to grow with you as your skills develop.  

For the Camper: Flexcut Spoon Carving Knife Buy Now

Manufacturer: Flexcut

Price: $114.50

Spoon carving is a craft that is often enjoyed in the outdoors while camping or hiking. It’s surprising then, that’s it’s taken so long for anyone to improve the portability of spoon carving knives. Featuring 3 different folding blades and a robust locking mechanism, this knife easily slips into your pocket when not in use.

For the Woodworker Who Thinks They Need A Drill Press: Portable Drill Guide Buy Now

Manufacturer: Rockler

Price: $149.99

No drill press? No problem with the new Rockler Portable Drill Guide. Featuring robust construction, locking gears, and 60° of motion, you won’t miss what you don’t have.

For the Hand Tool Aficionado: 45th Anniversary Set of Three Woodworking Tools Buy Now

Manufacturer: Garrett Wade

Price: $253

If you’re ready to jump into hand tools woodworking or take the next step up in quality, this is the gift for you. Featuring a #4 Smoothing Plane, a #60½ Block Plane, and a 9½” long Spokeshave all packaged in a pine storage box, you have everything you need to get started.

For the Non-Woodworker: Chopstick Master Gen. 2 Buy Now

Manufacturer: Bridge City Tool Works

Price: $269

Designed to be easy enough for a non-woodworker to use, the 2nd gen Chopstick Master is a fun way to sit down and start creating something out of wood. Plus if you give this as a gift, you’re sure to receive some handmade chopsticks in the future.

For the Woodworker Taking It To The Next Level: SawStop 3-HP 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 52″ fence Buy Now

Manufacturer: SawStop

MSRP: $3399.00 (shipped)

You’ve been extra good this year. You’ve dovetailed every drawer, taken meticulous care of your hand planes, and even honed your finishing techniques. Don’t you deserve something really special? Why not get a cabinet saw that will not only last you a lifetime, but keep you safe while doing so? 

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Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality.

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  • ReubenS

    Hello Collin

    The Garrett Wade tools are stunning. There is something magical about a well made hand tool. It takes an artists touch to create such a gorgeous looking plane, and using them is quite rewarding. I often find myself in awe of how nice hand tools are to use, compared to loud and ugly electric tools.

    I guess that appreciation would be born out of a love for natural wood, and molded metal.

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