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Handmade Saw Cabinet

Building this handmade saw cabinet employs vital hand tool techniques with an emphasis on dovetail, dado and mortise and tenon joinery.

How to Use a Drawknife

I started my woodworking career 40 years ago shaving ladderback chairs based on the methods of Jennie Alexander as outlined in Make a Chair from a Tree. Green wood, split from straight-grained [...]

Continuing with Definitions

In the last issue of Popular Woodworking I gave you a list of common finishing terms and their definitions. Here, I want to do the same with terms you might not be as familiar with.

End Grain: Goodbye, Ego! Hello, Humility!

Whenever I admire a fellow woodworker’s finished piece of furniture, I never ask how they did this or that because, quite simply, I am afraid they are going to tell me. Listening to someone [...]


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